The project will produce a TV show in the “interview” format with Suncica Nestorovic (representative of the municipality) and Suncica Ivanovic (member of the project team), in cooperation with local television “Kursumlija”. The location of the shooting is TV station “Kuršumlija”. Video and audio will be available on the You Tube channel.

At the beginning and end of the video clip produced, information screens will be displayed with all the necessary visibility elements and disclaimer text.

Malina Savić, TV voditelj, vodiće „intervju“ sa Sunčicom Nestorović i Sunčicom Ivanović, članom tima na projektu „Aktiviranje za više mogućnosti“. Projekat je finansiran od strane EU, a ko-finansiran od strane Vlade Republike Srbije, realizuje se kroz grant šemu “Podrška Evropske unije aktivnom uključivanju mladih.

Questions that the TV presenter will ask the project manager and the representative of the municipality of Kursumlija:

Question 1:

What is the Activation for More Opportunities project for the Municipality of Kursmlija? (Question referred to Kursumlija municipality representative)

The answer :

Considering the disabled person as an individual, a person with all general and specific needs systemic solutions must enable each disability group to shape, express and realize their basic developmental needs. As well as special interests, to have the same opportunities as persons without disabilities, and above all to have the right to diversity. Today, the position of persons with disabilities must be viewed primarily as a human rights issue. Disability is a complex social phenomenon that practically touches all areas of modern life and requires cross-sectoral coordination and partnership, development of entrepreneurial skills and knowledge, self-employment and job creation, cooperation between different authorities, local self-governments, civil sector and persons with disabilities and their own organization. Emphasis is placed on guaranteeing equality of persons with disabilities against discrimination and their full participation in society

Question 2:  Why is inclusion of people with disabilities important to society and the wider community? (Question referred to Kursumlija municipality representative) 

The answer :


The target group of projects is unemployed persons with disabilities from Kursumlija. People with disabilities, as one of the most vulnerable groups in the labor market, represent the category of persons with barriers to employment. There are a number of problems that prevent them from integrating equally in the labor market with other persons, ie being competitive in the labor market: health constraints, low self-esteem, employers’ biases towards working skills, inadequate education, lack of education or work experience, difficulties in adjusting to the work environment , low level of social support. 

Question 3:

What can you tell us about how much the municipality of Kursumlija encourages the inclusion of persons with disabilities in society and the community and what is the best way? (Question referred to Kursumlija municipality representative)


The answer :


Through various projects, public works, the municipality of Kursumlija encourages the work of persons with disabilities and employment opportunities through plans and programs.


Question 4:

What documents will be produced on the project and how does the municipality of Kursumlija encourage the inclusion of persons with disabilities? (Question referred to Kursumlija municipality representative)


The answer :

Within this project, a Local Action Plan will be developed to improve the position of persons with disabilities, in which we will define strategic goals that we hope to succeed in improving the very position of persons with disabilities.


Question 5:


Which institutions and organizations are involved in the process of more effective inclusion of people with disabilities? (Question referred to Kursumlija municipality representative)


The answer :

Institutions participating in the inclusion of persons with disabilities are the Kursumlija Association of Persons with Disabilities, the municipality of Kursumlija, and public institutions and the private sector within which work practices take place.


Question 6:

What are the future plans of the municipality of Kursumlija in the field of improving the position of persons with disabilities? (Question referred to Kursumlija municipality representative)


The answer :

Future plans of the Municipality of Kursumlija in the field of promotion of the position of persons with disabilities organized awareness campaigns aimed at increasing the motivation of unemployed persons with disabilities to improve their skills and knowledge in the labor market and the motivation of the business sector to increase employment of persons with disabilities.



Question 7:


Could you give some advice to people with disabilities on how to get more involved in the community? (Question referred to a member of the project team) 

The answer :


Advice for people with disabilities would be to become more actively involved in the community and social flows, to be informed about their rights, to take a more active part in work practices, as well as in old craft training and ICT courses.


Question 8:

What are the joint expected results of partners in the Activation for Multiple Opportunities project? (Question addressed to Kursumlija municipality representative and member of project team)


The answer :


Commonly expected results are increased employment and social inclusion of unemployed persons with disabilities through models of active inclusion.
The target group People with disabilities, employers and the general public
Technical information:

• The length of the TV show is 10 minutes
• The TV show will be recorded in MPEG4 H264 format
• Video resolution 1080p – 1920×1080• Audio quality 44 KHz, 16 bit Stereo
• The complete spoken text will be subtitled
• The speaker’s name and title will be visible (subtitle signature)
• All text, logo, welcome and introductory screen, signature and subtitle will be in Cyrillic
• During the TV show, a cronyte (runner) will appear repeatedly in the lower right corner with the following caption: This activity is part of a project funded by the EU, co-funded by the EU, worth 4.7 million Euros. Republic of Serbia. The project is managed by the Ministry of Finance – Sector for contracting and financing programs from EU funds, while the final beneficiaries of the project are the Ministry of Labor, Employment, Veterans’ and Social Affairs and the Ministry of Youth and Sports 

Project ”Activate for more opportunities!” is a part of the European Union Support to Active Youth Inclusion grant scheme

Organization of people with Disabilities of Kuršumlija, Koste Vojinovića 6, 18430 Kuršumlija


Project funded by the European Union and co-financed by the Government of the Republic of Serbia, and implemented by the Organization of People with Disabilities of Kuršumlija and Municipality of Kuršumlija