The VIDEO clip purpose is:

  • Raising awareness for the importance of employment of persons with disabilities
  • Motivation of young unemployed people with disabilities to improve their skills and knowledge about the labour market
  • Incentive for employers to hire people with disabilities.

Video clip will be broadcasted on local TV and Radio stations. Video and Audio material will be uploaded on YouTube. Audio material from the Video clip will be used (in exact content) for radio broadcast in radio jingle format.

Target group

Persons with disabilities, employers and general public

Technical information

  • The duration of the Video clip is 30 seconds
  • Video clip will be recorded in MPEG4 H264 format
  • Resolution of the Video clip will be 1080 p – 1920×1080
  • Audio recording quality 44 KHz, 16 bit Stereo


At the start of the Video clip information screen will be made visible containing all visibility elements (logos) of the project, as well as the project name and the disclaimer of EU (financing and non responsibility for the content).


Person 1: Malina Savić – PWD (People With Disabilities) TV Anchor – Explaining the labour market situation with animated graphic charts in background

People with disabilities are the most vulnerable group on the labour market. They face series of problems that prevent them from equal integration into the community.

Person 2: Marko Filipović – PWD representative – This section is recorded from persons point of view – approaching the workplace and assuming working position. Camera assumes third person (normal) point of view as the speech starts.

As a person with disability, work and working hours fulfil me every day, and giving me the feeling that I am equal and useful to society. The best part is the feeling of belonging to our work team.
I invite people with disabilities to actively take part in the project, with its various programs and models for social skills development and entrepreneurship.

Person 3: Sunčica Ivanović – Calls on employers to engage in employment of persons with disabilities

Employing persons with disabilities can bring innovation and various subsidies and refunds to employers and business owners.

Project ”Activate for more opportunities!” is a part of the European Union Support to Active Youth Inclusion grant scheme

Organization of people with Disabilities of Kuršumlija, Koste Vojinovića 6, 18430 Kuršumlija


Project funded by the European Union and co-financed by the Government of the Republic of Serbia, and implemented by the Organization of People with Disabilities of Kuršumlija and Municipality of Kuršumlija