Try King E II Extremely Connected with Prophet Muhammad?

An appealing allege regarding the ancestry away from The lady Majesty Queen Age II has already appeared on the internet. Out of legitimate development supply to everyday push, various government had been debating, critiquing and you may analysing the theory that the King is actually originated out-of the fresh Muslim Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). Here is what you should know.


The original recorded idea out-of Queen Elizabeth’s regards to Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) originates from genealogist Harold B. Brooks-Baker for the 1986. During the a letter to help you next United kingdom Best Minister angry streams in the the new blood vessels of your own Queen” he considered common knowledge among Muslim frontrunners. Which claim provides large effects just like the, if it is true, it might and result in the Queen a regards away from Queen Mohammed VI out-of Morocco and you may King Abdullah II off Jordan also as the Ali Khamenei, the brand new Best Frontrunner away from Iran.

Revival of your own claim

From inside the , composing into the an article to possess Moroccan newspaper Assahifa Al-Ousboue, Abdelhamid Al-Aouni supported Brooks-Baker and you will advertised the Queen’s lineage will be traced straight back 43 years to your Prophet according to the following the origin:

– Presumably, Abu al-Qasim Muhammed ibn Abbad, a great descendant out-of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH), are the great-parent away from Zaida off Seville.

– Zaida, an excellent Muslim refugee exactly who fled the latest Berber forces inside the Seville, visited the latest judge of Alfonso VI out-of Castille where she became his concubine and soon after, his wife.

– Several many years later, the descendent, Isabella from Castille, partnered the original Duke from York, Edmund Langley and gave delivery so you’re able to Richard regarding Conisburgh, Earl away from Cambridge. The guy later fathered Richard Plantagenet, Duke of York, who is aren’t considered to be a predecessor of your King.

Consulting the pros

Brooks-Baker is actually new posting movie director to have Burke’s Peerage Limited, good genealogical guide of some 200 years status based on comparing brand new origins away from British royals and you can nobility.

However, their revelations keeps often already been disregarded given that purposefully controversial and you will outlandish to reach abilities similar to the present clickbait headlines. Inside the 2005 obituary, Brooks-Baker is called a “self-designated power towards the all the matters regal” just who “is commonly wrong” if in ceny ifnotyounobody case turned-out proper, is actually simply responsible for and make obvious states. The fresh new Telegraph in addition to reported that, diverging from their unprejudiced position with regards to rumblings in the newest push, Buckingham Palace given an announcement to describe that Brooks-Baker realized zero friends, and therefore his declarations were made as opposed to education or expert. The changing times stated that “officials is actually understood to have paid back absolutely nothing notice in the past” with the states produced by Brooks-Baker.

United kingdom historian David Starkey states that the “gothic monarchs out-of Spain in addition to Islamic regal households was basically really close” and you can, in one, “interilies” have been preferred during the record. That it careful reaction recognizes the potential for new Queen are associated with the Prophet (PBUH) and does not externally denounce it. However, it isn’t are proof.

At the same time, Lesley Hazleton, an academic and you will blogger whom centers around religion and you may politics and you can is considered a professional with the Islam, critiques it “clickbait.” Considering Hazleton, the newest claim is actually reaction to the new “demonisation off Islam about Western” which shows a hope one to “respectability” would-be accorded into faith.

Historians and genealogists as well as dispute this new historic accuracies where this new allege is created. It claims rests into proven fact that Zaida out of Seville are brand new dmed ibn Abbad, who, in turn, try descended throughout the Prophet (PBUH). But not, Zaida’s very own roots is actually controversial because some believe, instead of becoming Abu al-Qasim’s dily.

Adopting the 2012 breakthrough out of Richard III’s remains in a vehicle park when you look at the Leicester, some hereditary evaluation had been conducted into Plantagenet Queen. Present research has lead toward concern his regards to the new King, suggesting she does not come away from him which, because of the extension, cannot be a good descendant of the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH).

Of a lot enjoys realized that “for those who trace anybody’s descent straight back much adequate, you will find – surprise headache – all of us are associated with each other sooner.” – meaning that discover a big change between are actually descended regarding individuals or simply just getting connected with them. The fresh new Observer tries to set that it into the position from the demonstrating you to a young child born for the 1947, might have had step 1,024 ninth-grandparents: compare which with the Queen, who is purported to function as the 43 rd higher-granddmad (PBUH). Supposing that this is valid, new Queen might have hundreds of thousands of 43 rd high-grandparents.

And so which have gaps from inside the historic info with no hereditary research, it is sometimes complicated to show the brand new relatives between a keen eleven th -century Muslim little princess and a good 20 th -century United kingdom Queen, never head a beneficial eight th -century Prophet.

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