All the questions to evaluate relationships lover compatibility was basically like what you to will discover towards eHarmony otherwise fits

On coming in toward laboratory, participants completed written informed consent. People was in fact sitting from the a computer and you can asked to do a survey, including a review regarding identity and issues evaluating romantic lover being compatible. As with the earlier degree, grandiose narcissism was examined toward Narcissistic Character Inventory (NPI ? = .86, Yards = , SD = seven.20) and Large Five characteristics towards Larger Four Catalog (BFI) . Getting neuroticism, ? = .82; Meters = dos.77, SD = 0.80; getting extraversion, ? = .84, Meters = step three.46, SD = 0.72; to have visibility to tackle, ? = .75, Meters = 3.55, SD = 0.58; getting conscientiousness, ? = .76; Meters = step three.67, SD = 0.56; and agreeableness, ? = .73, Yards = step 3.97, SD = 0.51.

Which survey wasn’t useful data as it is part of one’s protection facts. Members was indeed advised your pointers it considering is made use of to suit her or him up with some one with the university who has got comparable appeal. Fundamentally, sex, age, and you may relationships updates was indeed reviewed.

Following the process in depth of the Parker and you may Burkley , users was basically next shown an image of a goal private and advised one predicated on its early in the day answers, he has got “similar passions” with this specific address. The women seen a picture of a man address as well as the males seen a picture of a woman address. This type of pictures have been pre-looked at by a ple because of their number of attractiveness having fun with a great 10-point scale, in a fashion that 1 = really unattractive and ten = very attractive. The new mean get to the male photo is actually six.62 (SD = step one.86) and indicate rating to own people images are eight.03 (SD = step 1.29). Including Parker and you will Burkley, we and additionally requested users some questions about the brand new participant’s interest in the goal, however, our very own created parameters was basically precisely the products that reviewed mate poaching specifically. Responses were made on 5-area balances in a way that step 1 = most unlikely and you may 5 = most likely. Those things had been good) “Exactly how more than likely is it possible you be to pursue this individual to possess a great relationships?” (Yards = 2.43, SD = step one.28), and you will b) “How likely are you willing to be while making away with this private?” (Yards = dos.38, SD = 1.34). I plus reviewed the fresh the total amount that the brand new participant found the fresh address glamorous using a 5-point size in a way that step 1 = most unattractive and you can 5 = most attractive (Meters = 3.76, SD = 1.15).


We earliest oriented most of the parameters just before computing analyses. We upcoming calculated correlations anywhere between predictor/handle parameters (the top Five parameters) and you can consequences parameters, that are demonstrated in Desk 6. Grandiose narcissism was correlated which have a greater likelihood of making out towards target, not that have locating the target glamorous otherwise following the target getting a relationship.

I then entered variables on a regression design; top variables away from participants’ relationship reputation, target dating position, intercourse, and NPI score had been registered to your 1 (dealing with to own Larger Five parameters), all several-means connections among first details was basically registered to the Step two, most of the three-way connections certainly one of number one parameters were entered on the Step three, additionally the four-method correspondence certainly primary parameters try joined towards Step. While the none of five-ways affairs achieved statistical relevance, Step 3 analyses are claimed for the Table eight.

Participants was randomly allotted to a conclusion of your target because the “single” or “for the a relationship” and were following questioned to take a primary questionnaire to the quantity of attention he has got regarding the address

For getting the mark attractive, only chief consequences having sex and you may a great participants’ dating updates was in fact tall. People was in fact prone to select the target attractive than women, and you can singles had been expected to select the address attractive than just connected individuals. Grandiose narcissism was not a predictor to find the goal glamorous as a whole (? = -.067, t = -0.913, p = .362) and grandiose narcissists don’t look for affixed objectives as more glamorous than simply unattached purpose (? = -.052, t = -0.842, p = .401).

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