„ Services of handcraft courses – sewing“ 





Training for old crafts „ Services of handcraft courses – sewing“  is to increase employability and employment of persons from the target vulnerable groups, hard- to- employ presons in the labour market ( youth, persons with no qualifications, long – term  unemployed people , long – term unemployed persons with disabilities from Kuršumlija, Roma) throuth the delivery  of the training  in cutting and sewing  whish is in our modest opinion demanding on the labour market.  The program is conducted together with the Association  Of Persons with Disablilites Kuršumlija  and is titled „ Services of handcraft courses – sewinfg“  with in IPA – 2014 – development IPA 2014 of innovative integrated youth tailored services and active inclusion models No.48-00-00198/2017-28-18-DC03.



Training Organization of cutting and sewing training.
Activities Services of training provisions
Reference No. 48-00-00198/2017-28-18-DC03.
Duration 4.months
Period of report 14.08.-14.12.2019.



The aim of the project:

To desing and provide training courses to selected 5 beneficaries in the erea of sewing.

Overall objective:  to increase employability  and  social inclusion of  unemployed persons with disabilities  throuth active inclusion models.

The description of the activity:

The training started in accirdance with  the  provisioned procedure. The elected benificiaries performed the training in the premises that  Organization equipped according the standards for the occupation.

Instructor, Bozana  Miskovic, who has the appropirate  education and work  experience, conducted  training with the beneficiaries.

The training was organized in accordance with curriculum, twice a week with 6 hours per the meeting

The trainees mastered the following:

  • Organization of workplace
  • Occupational safety measures
  • Main types of fabrics and method of processing them
  • Machines and tools for work
  • Preparation for tailoring
  • Tailoring clothes ( skirts,trousers,shirts,blouses, etc.)
  • Sewing clothes (skirts,trousers,shirts,blouses, etc.)


Narodni  univerzitet Nis  gave all the required and necessary  logistic  support during the realization og the training.

At the end of training was organized the exam and all the trainees demonstrated the newly acquired skill sewing of one the provisioned items  of clothes.

All the trainees passed the  exam with   satisfactory achievment.

  1. Marina Mihajlović  –  very good, mastered  the required skill in sewing
  2. Marija Stojadinović –  good,she needs practice but her skill is sufficient for the work in occupation
  3. Lucija Raičević – excellent – very skillful and interested in tailoring and sewing.
  4. Svetlana Tomić – excellent – very skillful and very interested in the job
  5. Sreten Todorović – very good, skillful, maybe employed for the sewing of different items.


Based on the above,all the trainees will be awarded Certificate on acquired skill for tailoring and sewing for the vocation of  sewer-tailor.


The  acquired skill and the Certificate may help them in their future activities and employment.



The training was organized according all the quality principles in accordance with the curriculum and occupational standards. The premises where were appropriate.


All the trainees attended the training regulary. The  instructor is satisfied with their achievement.


The  set taske were perfomed in a very satisfactory manner.


The Certificates are awarded to all the beneficiaries who participated in the training.

Project ”Activate for more opportunities!” is a part of the European Union Support to Active Youth Inclusion grant scheme

Organization of people with Disabilities of Kuršumlija, Koste Vojinovića 6, 18430 Kuršumlija


Project funded by the European Union and co-financed by the Government of the Republic of Serbia, and implemented by the Organization of People with Disabilities of Kuršumlija and Municipality of Kuršumlija